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Duane C. Brown Fund | Fund Number: 600845

Established September 2, 1983. This current fund was established May 5, 2006, by combining the Duane C. Brown Fund, with gifts from Mr. Brown, and the Duane C. Brown Program Fund in Geomatics with gifts fromhis widow, Theresa P. Brown. Distribution prom otes and stimulates scientific activity in geodetic science in three ways: a certificate or plaque awarded to the alumni or faculty member who has most successfully forwarded the cause of geodetic science and strengthened the reputation of the profession , particularly in photogrammetry; second, a certificate awarded to a talented, enthusiastic and devoted undergraduate, graduate or research associate interested in photogrammetry, and thirdly, scholarships,equipment purchases, and other necessary items t hat advance and improve the program's photogrammetry area.

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