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WOSU Public Media consists of The Ohio State University’s community-supported, nonprofit, noncommercial public radio and television stations. 89.7 NPR News, broadcasting public affairs programming and in-depth news coverage, is the only 24-hour NPR News station in Central Ohio. And Classical 101, at 101.1 FM, is the only 24-hour classical music radio station in the area. WOSU-TV, a PBS affiliate which has 11 hours of children’s programming daily, provides content in high-definition, along with digital channels, WOSU Ohio and WOSU Plus.

Since 1922, WOSU has been a key part of the land grant mission of The Ohio State University--providing lifelong learning well beyond the boundaries of the campus. Through funding from OSU Athletics, WOSU produces programming for the Big Ten Network; every commencement is streamed online; many of the performances by the School of Music air on one of WOSU services; and faculty are often featured on the daily public affairs radio show, All Sides with Ann Fisher.

Dedicated to enriching people’s lives through programming and community services that educate, inform, entertain, and inspire, WOSU reaches more than 1.3 million people a week and serves as a gateway to nonprofit educational and cultural resources in the Central Ohio community. WOSU Public Media also extends innovative learning opportunities to the community through unique collaborations. These include “Ready to Learn” workshops for early childhood caregivers, and a recent partnership with Weinland Park Elementary School to experiment with tablet technology during afterschool programs. WOSU works closely with arts organizations across the community and with COSI, where broadcast studios, a learning lab and public space have been developed.

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WOSU Public Media Annual Fund

Fund Number: 303227

Supports WOSU, central Ohio's donor supported public broadcasting stations, which enriches people's lives through programming and community services that educate, inform, entertain and inspire

WOSU Children's Programming Fund

Fund Number: 313297

Support the quality children's programming on WOSU-TV. Helps provide over 11 hours of daily programming for children in central Ohio.

WOSU Classical Music Fund

Fund Number: 313295

Support for Classical Music in Central Ohio provided by WOSU Public Media. Helps sustain classical music radio programming and local concert performance coverage

WOSU News and Public Affairs Fund

Fund Number: 313296

Support of award winning news and public affairs on WOSU Public Media. Helps provide for NPR and local news and public affairs programming on radio, television and at



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