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As one of four regional campuses in The Ohio State University system, Ohio State Marion extends the Ohio State educational experience to North Central Ohio. At Marion, students enjoy small classes in an intimate college setting, while getting a world-class education. Students have the flexibility to choose what works for them—whether that means attending classes full-time, part-time, during the day, or in the evenings—while completing coursework toward one of Ohio State’s 170 bachelor degree programs. In addition, six bachelor’s degree programs and one master’s degree program can be completed entirely at Ohio State Marion. The campus boasts a talented faculty committed to teaching, research, and service and dedicated to providing an unmatched academic experience. All permanent faculty on campus hold terminal degrees in their respective disciplines and the student/teacher ratio is approximately 20 to 1. Student activities are varied and include student government, clubs, sports, organizations, and publication committees. Marion students can also find a number of services, programs, and opportunities that will transform their university experience from being exclusively a place of academic learning to a laboratory for life.

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The Ohio State Fund for the Marion Campus

Fund Number: 306681

This fund supports a wide variety of activities including the Five Nights on Campus series, Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery, Delaware Center, WOSB, Kids College Learning Enrichment Institute

Marion Campus Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 301151

To Support Scholarships at Marion Campus

The Marion Campus Science Building Fund

Fund Number: 311747

To raise supplemental funds for a new Science building. To replace outdated laboratory facilities and expand opportunities in the arts

Prairie Development Fund

Fund Number: 302102

Supports the costs of education, mgmt, and research at the OSU Marion Prairie Nature Center, including the purchase of books, computer equipment, natural arti- facts/specimen and educational progrms.

Howard Honors Development Fund

Fund Number: 301845

Supports Honors Program activities such as student recognition programs, awards, research, group study tours and public lectures.

Marion Campus Minority Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 307546

Supports scholarship awards for minority students, including first quarter freshmen students, first time students, and continuing adjut students from the seven county service area.

Marion Campus Student Educational Travel Fund

Fund Number: 311864

Supports organized student travel opportunities to broaden, expand and en rich the education experience. Frequent travel desitinations are France, Chile, England, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Babich Honors Fund

Fund Number: 605411

Established February 7, 1986 with gifts from Ted B. Babich and Beth E. Babich in honor of their parents Robert and Marilyn B. Babich; used to support activities and services at the OSU Marion Campus directed toward the honors program and such activities that cultivate and nurture scholarly achievement. Revised June 6, 2008.

Donald E. and Lillian Sims Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 606634

Established September 5, 2003, by Mr. Sims and funds from the Marion Campus Enrichment Fund. Income provides undergraduate merit scholarships preferably to Marion County students attending either the main or Marion campus.

Dorothy and George H. Alber Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 600046

Established December 6, 1985, by George H. Alber. Eighty percent of income provides scholarships to qualified students at the Marion campus demonstrating need, a high degree of academic potential or scholastic ability. Remaining income is reinvested to p rincipal.

Edwin U. Wolfinger Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 607747

Established June 7, 1984, from his estate. Income provides scholarships for Marion County students attending the Marion campus.

Evelyn E. Walter Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 647548

Established February 1, 2002, by the Evelyn E. Walter Foundation through The Foundation. Income provides scholarships for undergraduates and graduates at the Marion campus with preference to second-year and non-traditional students with need due to uniqu e life circumstances, and secondly, to undergraduates with a permanent Marion County address.

Friends of Delaware Center Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 602327

Established December 6, 2007 with gifts from the Marion Campus Delaware Center Fund; used to provide unrestricted support for scholarships, initiatives and emerging priorities for students, faculty, and staff at the Delaware Center, a program of The Ohio State University at Marion.

General Academic Initiative

Fund Number: 314143

To establish 4 yr degree programs or to provide espanded programming in business, human resources, criminology, environmental sciences, or other emerging majors, minors

Geology Development Fund

Fund Number: 302172

To Support Geology Related Activities at The Ohio State University at Marion Including Geology instruction in Laboratories, Lectures, and on Field Trips

Hal Hazelett Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 603032

Established December 6, 2007 with gifts from friends and family of Hal Hazelett of Marion, Ohio; used to provide scholarship support to students who demonstrate financial need, have a 2.8 or higher grade point average and are enrolled at the Marion campus with preference given to students who intend to pursue careers in math, science and/or education and who display skills indicating they could be successful in their selected field.

Jane Peppard Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 605715

Established April 5, 1991, by her friends. Eighty percent of income provides scholarships for qualified students enrolled at the Marion campus. Remaining income is reinvested to principal.

Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery

Fund Number: 314144

For the operation and renovation of the gallery to exhibit artwork

Larry Prude Memorial Minority Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 604487

Established December 14, 1984, by the University Marion Campus Minority Advisory Committee. Income provides scholarships for deserving minorities of merit entering the Marion campus.

Lashley/Lowe Minority Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 603955

Established June 4, 1993, by Madge Cooper Guthery in honor of Rev. Milton Lashley and Myrtle Lowe, outstanding citizens who dedicated their lives to the Marion community, the church and the preservation of Black heritage. Eighty percent of income provide s scholarships/loans to deserving minorities attending the Marion campus. Remaining income is reinvested to principal.

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